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Magnified Grass

Our Story

Welcome to Net Zero Greenhouse, a company that is committed to empowering self-sufficiency and helping people grow their own food. Our mission is to provide net-zero greenhouses that do not require energy bills, making it easy for people to live off the grid and grow their own food.


We understand the importance of living a self-sufficient lifestyle and growing fresh produce. That is why our primary goal at Net Zero Greenhouse is to provide people with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve this goal.


At Net Zero Greenhouse, we believe that self-sufficiency and growing fresh produce go hand in hand. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality net-zero greenhouses that not only help them grow fresh produce but also reduce their reliance on traditional farming methods and grocery stores. Our greenhouses are designed to use natural resources such as sunlight, rainwater, and geothermal energy to create a self-sustaining environment for plants to thrive.


Thank you for considering Net Zero Greenhouse. We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your self-sufficiency goals.

Building a Custom Net Zero Greenhouse

Watch us as we build our 24x60' greenhouse in Heber, UT

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