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Net Zero Greenhouse offers the best in greenhouses and consulting services to help you achieve your goals of self-sufficiency.


From gardeners to commercial farmers, we have the designs, kits, and expertise to meet all your growing needs.

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Net Zero Greenhouse

Building a Net Zero Greenhouse involves considering several important factors. With our designs, you won't have to pay for heating or cooling throughout the year. Our greenhouses are powered by the sun and use natural methods like GeoAir and Passive Solar Heat Banking to keep them warm.

Orientation is crucial for a successful greenhouse. To ensure optimal sun exposure, it is essential that your greenhouse is oriented towards true south.

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The angle of the roof is optimized to enhance the effectiveness of the passive solar heat bank, which consists of 55-gallon water barrels. During summer, when additional heat is undesirable, the roof provides shading to the heat bank by taking advantage of the higher position of the sun in the sky. In winter, when the sun is lower, the water barrels absorb heat during the day and gradually release it throughout the night, providing natural heating for the greenhouse.



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