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Greenhouse Plants: Best Vegetables and Herbs to Grow for Year-Round Harvest

Greenhouse gardening is a fantastic alternative for gardeners who want to cultivate fresh veggies and herbs all year. Greenhouses provide a controlled environment where you may produce various crops independent of the outside weather.

In this post, we'll look at the finest veggies and herbs to produce in your greenhouse for a year-round crop. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a novice, you can establish a successful greenhouse garden that supplies you with fresh, nutritious produce whenever you want it with the correct knowledge and practices.

greenhouse growing

Choosing the Best Greenhouse Growing Vegetables and Herbs

Choosing plants that grow in a regulated environment is critical when selecting vegetables and herbs for greenhouse gardening. These are some things to think about while choosing plants for greenhouse gardening:

Factors to Consider When Selecting Plants for Greenhouse Gardening

When selecting plants for greenhouse gardening, consider their light requirements, size suitability, and water needs. Assess the available light in your greenhouse and choose plants that can thrive in direct sunlight or partial shade. Ensure that the plants you select are appropriate for the size of your greenhouse to avoid overcrowding and hindered airflow. Additionally, opt for plants with low water requirements to simplify watering and prevent overwatering in the controlled environment of the greenhouse. By carefully considering these factors, you can create a successful and abundant greenhouse garden, enjoying a year-round harvest of fresh vegetables, herbs, and even exotic plants.

Ideal Greenhouse Plant Characteristics

When it comes to greenhouse gardening, choosing the right plants is key to success. Ideal greenhouse plants possess specific characteristics that ensure a thriving garden. Look for varieties with a short growing season, allowing you to enjoy a diverse range of crops throughout the year. High-yield plants are a great choice, maximizing productivity and making the most of your greenhouse space. And don't forget about compact plants! They help you utilize space efficiently, giving you the freedom to grow a wide variety of plants within your greenhouse. By considering these plant characteristics, you'll create a flourishing greenhouse garden that yields a continuous supply of fresh and delicious produce.

Best Greenhouse Gardening Veggies & Herbs

Some of the greatest crops and herbs to plant in your greenhouse for year-round harvesting are as follows:



Tomatoes are a garden staple and may be a highly prolific crop in a greenhouse climate. They demand a lot of light and warmth, so they're ideal for greenhouse growth.


Another great crop for greenhouse growing is cucumbers. They grow best in a warm, humid climate with lots of water and nutrients.

hot peppers


A versatile crop, peppers may provide flavor and nutrients to any cuisine. They demand a lot of heat and light flourish, so they're ideal for greenhouse gardening.

Leafy Greens

Fast-growing crops such as lettuce, spinach, and kale may be gathered continually in a greenhouse. They require less heat and light than other crops and are high in vitamins and minerals.

herbs - rosemary


Several herbs, including basil, parsley, and thyme, may be successfully cultivated in a greenhouse. They demand moderate heat and light and are an excellent addition to any kitchen.


Strawberries may be cultivated in greenhouses in hanging baskets or pots. They need a lot of sunshine and warmth to grow and are wonderful and nutritious fruit to include in your diet.



Melons, such as watermelon and cantaloupe, require a lot of heat and light to thrive and may be quite prolific in a greenhouse setting. They can be more difficult to raise than other crops, but the return is well worth the effort.


Beans are an excellent crop for greenhouse growth, particularly in the cooler months. They demand moderate heat and light and are high in protein and fiber.

These are just a handful of the numerous vegetables and plants that can grow in a greenhouse. Pick crops that fit your preferences and growing circumstances, and you'll have a year-round supply of fresh, healthful vegetables.

Greenhouse Gardening Success Tips

These are some helpful hints for greenhouse gardening:

Keeping Optimal Humidity and Temperature Levels

It is critical for effective greenhouse gardening to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels. The temperature range for most vegetables and herbs is 60°F to 70°F during the day and 50°F to 60°F at night. The humidity should be between 50% and 70%.

Regularly Prune your Plants to Promote Healthy Growth.

Pruning your greenhouse plants is an important activity that may encourage healthy development and maximum production. Pruning your plants regularly can help you maintain their size and form, increase air circulation and light penetration, and eliminate sick or damaged plant parts. Pruning also encourages the growth of new branches, which can enhance your plants' overall production.

Watering and Soil Needs

Adequate soil and hydration needs are also vital for greenhouse growing success. Water the plants regularly and use high-quality potting soil. Overwatering can induce root rot, while under watering might cause wilting.

Pest and Disease Control

Pests and illnesses may be major issues in greenhouse gardening. Keep your greenhouse clean and clear of debris that might shelter pests and illnesses. Inspect your plants regularly for symptoms of pests and diseases, and treat them right once to avoid their spread.

Year-Round Harvesting Methods

These are various methods that allow you to harvest fresh produce all year round, regardless of the season or climate conditions:

Understanding Planting Schedules

Mastering planting schedules is the key to a year-round harvest. By strategically timing your crop plantings, you can ensure a continuous supply of fresh produce. Diversify your planting schedule, consider regional guidelines, and adjust based on local climate to optimize your garden's success. Embrace the joys of year-round harvesting and savor the satisfaction of homegrown goodness throughout the seasons.

Extending the Growing Season

You can extend the growing season by giving more heat and light throughout the cooler months. Shade cloth may also protect your plants during the hot summer months.

tomatoes growing in february
Tomatoes growing in our greenhouse - Feb 2023

Techniques for Harvesting & Storing

Greenhouses offer the perfect environment for year-round gardening, allowing you to grow a wide range of vegetables and herbs regardless of the season. Some of the best plants to cultivate in a greenhouse for a continuous harvest include tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, spinach, herbs like basil and mint, and even exotic plants like tropical fruits or orchids. With the controlled conditions and protection from the elements, greenhouse gardening opens up a world of possibilities for enjoying fresh, homegrown produce throughout the year.


To summarize, greenhouse gardening is an excellent way to grow fresh veggies and herbs all year round, regardless of the weather. While choosing plants, keep in mind their temperature tolerance, light requirements, size, and water requirements. You may have a healthy greenhouse garden that provides abundant harvest all year by selecting the correct plants and following the suggestions and procedures mentioned in this article.

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